Order dosist bliss cartridge online


Dosist bliss cartridge

Dosist bliss is a THC-forward formula balanced in a 9:1 ratio with CBD complemented by uplifting terpenes such as a- and β-pinene and terpinolene. The pre-filled dose pen™ offers over 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) and ensures a precise dose every time. Buy dosist bliss online, 

Order dosist bliss cartridge

Dosist  bliss is a THC-forward formula balanced in a 9:1 ratio with CBD complemented by uplifting terpenes such as a- and β-pinene and terpinolene, with dosist pen buy online. The pre-filled dose pen™ offers over 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) and ensures a precise dose every time order dosist bliss cartridge online, where to buy dosist online

where to buy dosist online

Dosist bliss Contains no fillers

Dosist bliss is CBD rich: the Rich CBD ratio optimizes health benefits and controls intoxication with Formulas and dose are consistent and predictable every time. Order dosist bliss cartridge

Scientifically designed: the dosist’s formulas are developed with a deep knowledge and understanding of the cannabis plant and traditional uses of cannabis-based medicines, cannabinoid therapeutics and the nuances of the function and interactions within the ECS. where to buy dosist online

• Consumer tested: All formulas undergo extensive consumer research. and dosist guarantees satisfaction with our formulas. dosist pen where to buy

• Lab Tested: dosist is tests three times during extraction process, and spot checks final formulas, to ensure our formulas are precise, consistent and contaminate free. dosist pen buy online

dosist is based in Los Angeles California launched in 2016 and has since become known as a disruptor in the health and wellness industry,and was  named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2016, recognized by Fast Company as one of 2018’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the health sector, and designated by LinkedIn as the number two Top Startups 2019: Hottest U.S. Companies To Work For Now. where to buy dosist online

Through its eight targeted formulations: bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arouse, bliss thc-plus, arouse thc-plus and relax thc-plus, dosist provides natural alternatives for some of our most common ailments. Their proprietary medical-grade dose pen™ rechargeable, newly engineered dose pen™ 100 and their dose dial™ (dial available in California only) deliver a precise dose each and every time, ensuring a customer has a consistent and repeatable experience. order dosist online 

Order dosist bliss cartride

dosist makes vape pen, dosist vape pod, mint, vape battery, accessory, gummy cannabis products for sale in California. If you want to buy dosist online from a dispensary near me, there might be some on the shelves here. Buy dosist bliss online, dosist pen buy online

where to buy dosist online

The dose that puts you in control

Dosist is a lot more than just the sleekest cannabis pen of all time. With their natural, targeted formulas; Bliss, Sleep, Calm, Relief, and Arouse — these dose-controlled pens not only help deliver specific benefits, but also allow you to inhale 2.5mg of the perfect combination of CBD and THC each time. Oh, and did we mention they have tablets too?

TL;DR: Do you want to get a little buzzed, blazed out of your mind, or somewhere in between? If any of those sound good to you, Dosist is the answer. dosist pen buy online

What kinds of products does Dosist make ?

It’s safe to say Dosist has the perfect variety of product for those looking for controlled fun. They offer their disposable dose pen and a rechargeable pen that both have their core formulas (bliss, sleep, calm, relief and arouse).and On top of their amazing pen’s, Dosist also carries a child resistant device that holds a 3.7mg micro-dose tablet for those who would rather have a more targeted experience. Buy dosist bliss online

Does Dosist meet all safety and testing standards? 

Absolutely. Dosist always tests all their products multiple times checking for pesticides, solvents, and the perfect balance of cannabinoids and terpenes. They’re an open book, so you can access test results of every single batch if you’re curious.




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