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 KC 33 Strain

KC 33 strain was developed with the outdoor grower in mind, but can be grown indoors as a large plant with a yield of up to 600g using 600wpm. A sea of green method is discouraged. outdoors, she loves moisture and will thrive even in cool, wet weather. The Haze and Ukraninan parents are known to reach gigantic heights.

Buy KC 33 Strain

 KC 33 Strain is create by KC Brains is a slightly Indica dominant hybrid created in 1993, buy KC 33 Strain, her Buds are compact with a fresh and zesty lemon and grass flavour and a high THC average. Buy KC 33 Strain

Nugs are light green with effervescent golden hairs and undertones wedged between milky trichomes. It can treat pain, headaches, stress and inflammation. Ideal for daytime and evening usage.

Buy KC 33 Strain

Type of High

KC 33 cannabis strain’s high has a cerebral onset that doesn’t reflect its Indica genetics. Weightless mind effects keep you lifted high in the sky without hitting a limit or lowering down to your body. Buy KC 33 Strain 

Genetics Of KC 33 strain
Breeder: KC Brains
Lineage: KC 33 cannabis strain is a cross between Afghani Haze and Ukrainian cannabis strains.
Indica / Sativa Ratio
  • Indica Dominant Hybrid (40% Sativa / 60% Indica)
Average THC / CBD Level

14.00/16.00% THC

—/—% CBD

—/—% CBN 

Fragrance Of KC 33 Strain

One of the best traits of KC-33 is the odor it emits. Even neighbors will appreciate the sweet lemony scent with a hint reminiscent of an open grass field. Its delightful fragrance can be described as refreshing.

Flavors Of KC 33 Strain

Fans of mint should rejoice as KC-33 has that aftertaste as well as an interesting mix of sweet and citrusy lemon. A delight to the palate that comes with the promise of an intense and incredible experience, that is what KC-33 brings. Buy related product …

Effects Of KC 33 Strain

KC-33 may have a dominant Indica side, but most users are likely to feel its Sativa effects more. At its onset, a euphoric feeling sweeps in causing an immediate change in mood. Uplifted, its users tend to feel happy and relaxed. There is no doubt on its potency as it continues to wield its influence on the mind.         In some cases, some users will find themselves lost in deep thoughts. In a sense, that is much better than psychedelic a few other strains can cause. Still, most people also feel lightheaded. Some users describe their experience as if they were floating in space while being aware of their surroundings. Buy KC 33 Strain 

Buy KC 33 Strain

At the same time, users tend to feel very relaxed. The physical effects of KC-33 are evident but not in the numbing kind of way like those heavy Indica strains that come with sedative-like traits.

The effects of KC-33 can be described as bringing users to the edges of mental and body high without going overboard. In other words, it does not cause the mind to be foggy although users find themselves in deep introspection. Meanwhile, the physical effects are profound yet not to the point of leaving one immobile.

Medical Benefit Of KC 33 Strain

Although sought after by recreational users for its beautiful mental effects, KC-33 brings a lot of value to the medical cannabis users. Primarily, it is used for pain relief. Anyone suffering from chronic illnesses should find some comfort with its use



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