Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds


Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Diesel Haze Automatic (Autoflowering) is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females. Diesel Haze Autoflowering carries its ancestors in its name. Diesel, Haze, and ruderalis genetics together concocted this autoflowering hybrid.

Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

For extreme Sativa lovers who can’t choose between two of the best examples of this kind of cannabis – WSS presents a higher-than-high hybrid of old school Haze and recent superstar NYC Diesel, in a feminized auto-flowering seed strain. Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

Much of the work involved in cultivating Sativa – dominant strains of this calibre is removed by these traits; there is no need to worry about extracting male plants, nor different lighting cycles during the course of the grow period and flowering time. Harvests of long, thin, typically Sativa buds sparkling with trichomes couldn’t be easier to achieve for those who choose to buy Weed Seed Shop Diesel Haze!

The supercharged sativa aroma and flavour of Diesel Haze maintains the sharp citrus notes of classic NYC Diesel, overlaying the subtle chamomile flavour of Haze. The effect is as powerful as is to be expected from a hybrid with this Sativa-dominant heritage: sometimes introspective, sometimes sociable, but always extremely uplifting. An especially good choice for both stimulating the appetite and enhancing the experience of eating!

Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

Diesel Haze Autoflowering carries its ancestors in its name. Diesel, Haze, and ruderalis genetics together concocted this autoflowering hybrid. The THC-levels reach approximately 17%, which is a solid amount for an autoflower. Also, the CBD-levels reach 0.4%, which is small in comparison with CBD-rich strains, but not insignificant. Diesel Haze Auto is a sativa dominant strain which produces energetic highs.

Diesel Haze Autoflowering reaches 60-130cm in stature, it’s the kind of plant that’s usually encountered in indoor operations or stealthy outdoor plantations. The yields amount to 40-70g, so as you can imagine, this strain expresses classic autoflowering growth. From seed to harvest, Diesel Haze Auto grows for 75-80 days. During the late stages of flowering, the fruity terpene profile takes shape.

This cannabis strain was created by crossing a White Diesel with Cannabis Ruderalis. The result is an autoflowering strain with an easy nature. Even novices can achieve top results. Following a short growth phase, the plants begin to flower as if by magic. This happens automatically, with no need to adjust the lighting period.

Ambitious growers with some experience of growing cannabis can try a Sea of Green (SOG), where several small plants are arranged in a small space. The best results are obtained indoors under artificial light. In a warm climate with mild and long summers, outdoor cultivation is also a consideration.

Effect, flavour and smell 

Typical of a Diesel is the quick onset high, which most users experience as cerebral and uplifting. This characteristic makes White Diesel Haze Automatic by White Label an ideal strain for daytime use. Creative types use the effect for their work. Keep a few snacks to hand, because this strain can trigger a real attack of the munchies in some people. Buy related product …

Fans recognise White Diesel Haze Automatic by White Label from its flavour. In addition to the unmistakeable fuel smell, it is primarily fruity notes such as grapefruit, lemon and in some cases even rhubarb that linger in the air



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