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The AK-48 autoflower is an explosive mix of Colombian Gold, Mexican, Thai Afghani strains.  Originally created in 1992, she has formed the basis for other hybrids that are also very popular here.


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AK48 Automatic Seeds

The AK-48 autoflower is an explosive mix of Colombian Gold, Mexican, Thai Afghani strains.  Originally created in 1992, she has formed the basis for other hybrids that are also very popular here. AK48 Automatic Seeds

AK48 Automatic Strain is one of the most robust and fastest flowering Indica / Sativa hybrids out there, so if you like both Indica and Sativa, look no further. Her genetics are 55% Indica, 25% Sativa and 20% Ruderalis leading to a wonderfully mixed effect. A plant that offers the best of both worlds and provides you with large, dense buds covered in brown pistils

AK48 Automatic Seeds

The AK48 Automatic Seeds, Strain family  has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the strongest and fastest-flowering Indica / Sativa cannabis hybrids available. People who buy AK-48 Automatic cannabis seeds are choosing for the best of both worlds; this heavy hybrid weed delivers a classic Sativa high effect when consumed, coupled with a recognizably Indica type of growth-pattern and yield (thanks to her Afghani genetics). AK – 48 Automatic is perfect for demonstrating the massive advantage of hybrid cannabis strains, as well as for producing new levels of relaxation and large clouds of fruit-flavoured smoke!

This feminized auto-flowering version of AK-48 takes a swift and rewarding strain and makes it even faster and easier to enjoy. Vivid green buds with a solid, compact structure quickly form on the short bushy plants and develop a heavy frosting of juicy trichomes. The heavy, earthy flavour of her Afghani ancestor is sweetened with a spicy tang of mango and the effect is a thorough, long-lasting stone.

Temperate / Continental AK48 Automatic (Autoflowering) can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.

Average height gain AK48 Automatic (Autoflowering) will have average height gain during flowering.

Flowering 50 – 65 days AK48 Automatic (Autoflowering) will have a comparatively short flowering time.

Yield Medium Yield AK48 Automatic (Autoflowering) will produce a decent amount of bud

70% Indica The AK48 Automatic (Autoflowering) strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background

With AK48 Automatic, you can look forward to some of the most resilient and fastest flowering indica/sativa cannabis hybrid plants available. This hybrid is an indica-dominant strain, although its sativa component is still very strong. That’s why people like AK48 Automatic — because it really is the best of both worlds. If you like both indica and sativa, and don’t want to have to choose, this is a great strain for you.

The effects of this strain include a very noticeable cerebral buzz, which no doubt comes from the sativa part of the plant. It is great for social or creative activities, as it makes the user extremely mentally alert. On the other hand, it also delivers the physical body high that those who use indica strains love. The uplifting energy that this strain brings is great for getting inspired for activities, although it is very strong marijuana, so maybe those activities are best done alone!

Smoking AK48 Automatic brings earthy flavours that are slightly spicy and slightly sweet. The sweet aroma of mango can be detected in this strain. Overall, it produces quite a long-lasting effect on the user and smokes incredibly well.

This strain mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, which makes it not only a pleasure to smoke, but a delight to grow also. It is characteristic of an indica plant, being only average in height with bushy leaves and buds on it. It produces a decent amount of sticky bud (covered in crystals, too), with quite a decent yield. A continental climate is what is recommended for growing this strain outdoors. It is fine under a regular, slightly warm climate. Otherwise, this plant also grows very well indoors.

AK48 Automatic has an incredibly high THC content, which is what has made it famous in the AK family of strains. It was originally created in 1992 and its family has continued to grow into bigger, better, stronger hybrid plants.

AK48 Automatic bud

Medical properties of AK48 autoflower 

This strain is not generally recommended for those who are growing marijuana for medical reasons because its range of medical properties is not enormous. However, the indica aspect of the plant definitely offers some relief to those who are suffering from stress or anxiety. This strain is a great everyday medicine to deal with the general stresses of life rather than a specific medicine for certain symptoms.

The aroma and flavour of the dried AK48 Automatic buds is sweet, earthy and rather floral. This plant produces high levels of THC with a medium level of CBD. The effect is rather euphoric giving happy feelings with a sense of comfortable relaxation. Therapeutically it has applications for relieving stress and depression and it is also good for those suffering from insomnia Buy related product …

How to identify AK48 Automatic bud

This strain grows very dense, decent-sized buds, so that is one great way to familiarise yourself with this strain. It is also covered in long brown hairs just like many other strains with Afghan genetics. Finally, this strain distinguishes itself with how densely it is covered in crystal-like trichomes. Very sticky in the hands.

Experiencing thisAK48 Automatic bud

AK48 Auto is well suited for kick starting the day as well as daytime use. Thanks to her THC levels of 14-16%, and unique terpene profile, users can expect a clear and focused high, that has a relaxing body effect.

When smoking a joint of flowers, there will be an immediate taste of berry fruits with earthy- citrus overtones. This automatic takes on a smooth fruity edge, making her perfect for those who enjoy a fruity mouthwash when smoking.This strain is best for medical patients who may suffer with anxiety, insomnia and a suppressed appetite thanks to AK-48 Autos therapeutic properties.

What makes AK48 Automatic bud great

An incredible discreet performer outside in Southern Europe with an unbelievable resistance to mold and mildew. Those who love intense fruity, earthy and floral flavours will keep going back to the curing jars for this quick flowering, frosty lady.

Why you should buy AK48 Autoflower seeds:

Effective in treating many medical conditions, especially depression and anxiety

Suitable for beginners to grow

Delicious and high-quality weed

Good yields

Growing the AK-48 Autoflower (indoors and outdoors)

AK-48 Auto seeds produce cannabis plants of medium height, with a sturdy structure, medium node spacing and fairly wide leaves. The plant grows fast. In fact, AK-48 Auto grows with a great burst of energy.

During growth, you will observe a beautiful Indica. When flowering arrives, she reveals beautiful floral buds with many branches supporting the thick resinous, compact buds.

The AK-48 autoflower offers good results indoors, but can also be grown outdoors without any problems. For example, in a temperate, Mediterranean climate or even in a greenhouse

Effects  Of AK-48 autoflower

AK-48 is a nicely balanced weed and is not associated with many unpleasant or serious side effects, except for the well-known dry eyes and mouth.

Thanks to her strong Indica side, you can be sure that she is a good help in the fight against stress or anxiety. AK-48 is not recommended for any particular medical problem, although the list of possible uses is long. Left to right, she is an effective stimulant!



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