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AK-48 strain

This balanced hybrid delivers on all fronts of cerebral and bodily stimulation with its high THC content. The lineage of AK-48 is a unique mixture of Colombian Gold, Thai, Mexican, and Afghani. It’s celebrated around the world for its impressive THC percentage, which uplifts the mind and relaxes the body at the same time. Consumers looking for a classic high-meets-stoned experience better reach for AK-48 marijuana seeds, you won’t be disappointed!

Buy ak-48 Strain

AK-48 strain is a strain that mixes Colombian Gold, Thai, Mexican, and Afghani genetics. It typically provides uplifting and euphoric effects. This strain is known for its dense buds, fast flowering cycle, and exceptional aroma, Buy ak-48 Strain
Flowering: 48-63 days
Harvest: October
Height: medium
Yield: 400 – 500 g/m² in SOG

Buy ak-48 Strain

AK-48 does will in the medical marijuana community as well for its pain-killing effects. Patients with anxiety and chronic pain are often prescribed AK-48. While it is relaxing, this strain will not make you feel tired or groggy in the middle of the day, which means you can minimize pain and go about your day as usual. AK-48 will not interfere will your plans or leave you feeling “stuck. buy ak-48 Strain online

Despite its seemingly violent name, AK-48 actually refers to the time it takes for this plant to bloom. Growers love AK-48 marijuana seeds because they’re easy to grow and resilient to human error. This strain is not picky about its surroundings, which means you can grow it in most conditions, both indoors and outdoors. You’ll also love its powerful scent — a little sweet, a little citrus, and a little skunk. Order AK-48 Strain Online 

Buy ak-48 Strain

Since it’s first introduction in the 1990s, AK cannabis genetics have been increasingly popular among both marijuana growers and users. Nirvana’s version of this plant, the AK-48, is known for it’s potency and an extremely quick finishing time. While it’ll usually be ready for harvest around 9 weeks, when grown in optimal conditions, this plant can finish in as little as 48 days. AK-48 Strain

Although AK-48 is an indica dominant hybrid genetically, it has retained most of the a sativa qualities when it comes to smell, taste, and especially the high. These plants produce hard, dense buds that are covered in trichomes and have a very pungent aroma. AK-48 Strain For Sale

Effects Of AK-47 Strain

Although AK-47 and AK-48 are not from the same lineage, both have one thing in common. Both these strains are widely recognized for their impressive THC concentrations.

While AK-48 is an Indica-dominant strain, its Sativa effects are actually more prominent. The strain is known to have a slow cerebral onset that effectively uplifts the mood and energy of users with its happy and creative cerebral stimulation.

Now, as for the strains physical high, what users can expect is a calming relaxation or a mild body buzz and nothing more. In fact, most users would agree that AK-48 can induce an intense high without necessarily leaving users in a couchlock. That, in itself, makes the strain an excellent choice for daytime use or an evening treat.

Fragrance AK-48 Strain

AK-47 is one of those strains with a strong, prominent odor. However, its aroma is rather pleasing to any seasoned cannabis user. To wit, it gives off this sweet, tropical and fruity aroma accompanied by some spicy, pungent and skunky undertones of pine and earth.

Flavors AK-48 Strain

The flavors of AK-47 is just as interesting as its aroma. While smoking the weed, users will enjoy a delightful blend of the sweet and citrusy flavors of orange and other tropical fruits accented by an earthy pine taste. Buy related product …

Adverse Reaction

Given the strain’s impressive potency and delicious flavors and aroma, the question now is: what is the catch?

Indeed, any cannabis variety comes with a warning. These plants are known to cause various types of side effects regardless of their potency. So, in the case of AK-47, users are expected to be extra careful considering its potent THC levels.

AK-47 users are likely to experience paranoia due to the strain’s prominent cerebral high. On top of that, users may also notice signs of dry mouth and dry eyes that are rarely accompanied by mild anxiety and dizziness.

Medical Uses

Looking at the CBD levels of AK-48, it clearly is not the best choice for patients suffering from epilepsy or seizures. However, the strain can effectively aid in improving the state of mind of patients dealing with stress and depression.



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