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3C Farms’ Blue Krush

1/2 Ounce for $125 

3C Farms’ Blue Krush is a sativa dominant hybrid of their unique descendent of Blue Dream and a proprietary second strain, named in honor of pro surfer Bethany Hamilton.Using genetics such as an original cut of OG, 3C Farms has bred a unique, in-house strain portfolio you won’t find anywhere else.Guaranteed to enhance all your life experiences, 3C Farms

Buy Blue kush strain Online

Blue Kush strain is a sativa dominant hybrid with a unique descendent of Blue Dream and a proprietary second strain or g krush strain, blue kush strain or blue chardonnay strain It is our most creative strain, perfect for writers, advertising executives, and other people that rely on creativity in their crafts Buy Blue kush strain Online


GENETICS: Kraken x Berry Noir

EFFECT: Easy Onset, Creative, Euphoric, Long-Lasting

STRAIN-MAP: Ride The Pale Horse With This Pungent Sativa Strain.

blue chardonnay strain

Buy Blue kush strain Online

This Blue krush strain is named in honor of a professional female surfer named Bethany Hamilton, whose story of survival was very inspirational to the folks over at Coast To Coast.

Buy Blue kush strain Online

Cannabis is always allowing us to enhance our lives in the physical world, metaphysical and interdimensional realms. It allows us to analyze, investigate, and question our realities, other possibilities, and go into the depths of our minds that are oftentimes lacking engagement in our everyday lives.

3C Farms is the  largest cannabis market in Southern California after they expanded into tons of new storefronts. Backed by good genetics and a driven team, buy g krush strain

3C blue kush strains

blue chardonnay strain

Beginning with my favorite Blu Chardonnay, this strain proves that it’s not all about THC percentage. With a smell of berries and its distinguished purple-tinted flowers this Sativa-leaning hybrid is a must-try. blue chardonnay strain

This year has given me high stress and anxiety levels but a couple puffs of Blu Chardonnay can be the remedy for all of that. It has a sweet taste and smokes smoothly. This strain is great for day use to aide in elevating the mind, inspire euphoria and enhance creativity. blue chardonnay strain

-Ahoe OG

OG has always been my go-to flower so it is not a surprise that I had to pick up at least one. Tahoe OG is a dense and earthy smelling Indica flower but it is packed with a punch. 3C Farm’s Tahoe OG is definitely for the higher tolerance crowd because it can be overwhelming if you are new to cannabis.

Kush Cookies

Lastly, one of the strains that opened the door to me trying 3C Farms is Kush Cookies. it is a relaxing Indica-leaning hybrid and has a unique taste. buy g krush strain

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